December 16, 2017

HAZUS 3.0 now available…

FEMA recently announced the availability of HAZUS-MH 3.0, the latest iteration of their multi-hazard loss estimation software.  HAZUS-MH 3.0 includes several updates including:

  • Migration of the current database structure away from the Access (.mdb) and Personal Geodatabase (pGDB) format to SQL Spatial format
  • Migration of all VB6 code in the flood model to a combination of C# and .NET
  • Support for both homogeneous and dasymetric state data, with dasymetric data now serving as the default for analysis
  • Alignment with the Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) tool (pushed from Task 2)
  • Updated, SQL-compatible version of CDMS
  • Repair of four major defects in block-level aggregation, and the flood and hurricane models

For more information, see  HAZUS 3.0 Updates at