September 26, 2023

NEPM Meeting Archives

In the early to mid-1990s, state Earthquake Program Managers organized and met as the “Earthquake Program Information Exchange” (EPIE) work group. These meetings were held on an annual basis and sought to foster relationship building across state and federal earthquake programs, and to increase the visibility of the NEHRP. EPIE met until the mid-1990s, at which time the group informally disbanded. In 2003, senior Earthquake Program Managers worked to revive the positive experiences of the EPIE-era by organizing the first National Earthquake Program Managers (NEPM) meeting. That meeting was held in 2004 in conjunction with the National Earthquake Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Since then, the National Earthquake Program Managers work group has convened nearly every year and today the group is comprised of state, federal, non-profit, and private sector partners and is primarily focused on the implementation aspect of the program. At the core of the group are the individual state Earthquake Program Managers.

The purpose of the annual meetings are information sharing, building collaborations, and expanding the implementation of the earthquake program. Below are links to access archives and meeting proceedings from the NEPM meetings that have occurred since 2004.

* Denotes the meeting was held in conjunction with the National Earthquake Conference.
^No meeting was held in 2010.