July 25, 2021

2015 National Earthquake Program Managers Meeting

2015 NEPM Meeting Charleston; Wikimedia imageThe 2015 National Earthquake Program Managers meeting was held in historic Charleston, South Carolina on May 5-8, 2015. The goal of the meeting was to continue dialogue and relationship building between State Earthquake Program Managers and key stakeholders since the 2014 NEPM Meeting in Denver, Colorado.At the meeting were State and Territorial Earthquake Program Managers, Senior leadership from State and Federal Government, the NEHRP Secretariat, as well as the NEHRP Earthquake Consortia and Program Partners.

Additionally, there was a field trip to see lasting effects of the 1886 M7.3 earthquake which caused extensive damage in Charleston, and is one of the largest earthquakes on record in the United States.

Meeting sessions included:

  • NEHRP Updates
  • State, FEMA, Partner Updates
  • Earthquake Program Framework Development
  • EERI School Safety Initiative
  • Napa Earthquake Case Study
  • Mitigation Benefit Cost for Low Risk States


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

Meeting Presentations (26MB zip file)